The Conan Doyle Suite

Arthur (later Sir Arthur) Conan Doyle, author of the Sherlock Holmes Mysteries and more, lived and worked in Aston (now part of Birmingham, but then a separate town) for several months each year, from about Spring 1879 to early 1882. He was 19 at the beginning of that period, taking up a temporary medical assistantship, as a dispensing assistant (what we might call an assistant chemist or pharmacist) while studying at Edinburgh University. His employer and landlord in Birmingham was Dr Hoare, and Doyle developed a close friendship with his family, whom he visited more than once subsequently. Family members (but not Dr Hoare, who had died in 1898) joined such noted guests as J.M. Barrie, Jerome K. Jerome and Bram Stoker at Doyle's wedding at St Margaret's in Westminster in 1907.

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Viewing Room

 The Conan-Doyle Suite Viewing Room The Conan-Doyle Suite Viewing Room

Respondent & Breakout Rooms

 The Conan-Doyle Respondent Respondent Room The Conan-Doyle Suite Meeting Room


  • Comfortable, informal seating - boardroom layout available on request
  • Natural daylight in all rooms
  • Air conditioning throughout
  • Wired and Wi-Fi Broadband Access
  • Choice of 3 camera angles
  • Discreet Microphones
  • Large LCD TV - ideal for DVD playback/laptop/USB hook up
  • Web streaming - FocusVision Worldwide
  • Seating for up to 6-8 clients
  • Additional Client Breakout Room with seating for an extra 6 clients with TV link up
  • 6 Headphone sockets in Client Room


The Conan-Doyle Suite Floorplan